Today’s News & Culture Buzz

  • Super Tuesday – 437 delegates are at stake on this, the biggest single day of the Republican nomination battle, when 10 states hold caucuses or primaries >> Your Ultimate GOP Super Tuesday Primary and Caucuses Primer – The Atlantic | Mitt’s Super Tuesday: Could He Wrap Things Up? – The New Yorker | Mitt Romney focuses on economy, while rivals seek openings – The Washington Post
  • Iran strategy – As the threat of a nuclear Iran increases, President Obama held a press conference discussing sanctions and slowing the drumbeat for war. Others weighed in on the diplomatic options and the possible outcomes >> President Obama Discusses Iran – | Global Powers Agree to Resume Nuclear Talks With Iran | We Can Live With a Nuclear Iran – The Washington Monthly
  • Stocks Fall Sharply – After reaching 13,000 just two weeks ago, U.S. stocks fall to session lows with the Dow off 200 points – MarketWatch
  • Thanks for the memories – Oscar winner Robert B. Sherman has died at 86. He and his brother wrote music for Winnie The Pooh, Disney ride “It’s A Small World” and score for “Mary Poppins”. >> Disney Composer, Dies – | Disney’s Winnie The Pooh Theme Song Sing-A-Long – YouTube | Dick Van Dyke – Chim Chim Cher-ee – YouTube

Other Reading:

  • Tony Judt: A Final Victory by Jennifer Homans – The New York Review of Books
  • – “In the 1930s and 1940s, the great diaspora of poor Americans from the south to the cities of the North and West brought the blues of young, musically ferocious guitarists like B.B. King and Muddy Waters from Mississippi to cities like Memphis and Chicago. With that move came a transition from acoustic to electric guitar, and a sound that formed the muscular roots of rock and roll.”

Awesome thing(s) of the day: 


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