Today’s News & Culture Buzz

  • Politics – While Mitt Romney came out ahead, he did not provide a knockout punch to Gingrich or Santorum >> Super Tuesday Victories for Romney, but Questions, Too – NYTimes | Romney wins the grand prize of Ohio – The Washington Post | GOP race takes toll on front-runner Romney – The Washington Post
  • Tech – Apple CEO Tim Cook took the stage at Apple’s special event today in San Francisco for some big news >> Apple unveils new iPad – Macworld | Apple unveils new Apple TV with 1080p support – Macworld | Oh, and the iPhone 5 may be known as ‘phone’
  • Sport – The Indianapolis Colts Dump Peyton Manning: Why Everyone Wins – TIME | Where might Peyton Manning wind up next? – Sports Illustrated | Peyton Manning Increased Value Of Colts By $233 Million – Forbes

Other Reading:

  • 1953: The Year That Revolutionized Life, Death, and the Digital Bit – George Dyson – Technology – The Atlantic
  • Higgs Boson May Be Real, Just Don’t Call It the ‘God Particle’ – Technology – The Atlantic Wire
  • Angus King’s National Perspective – DownEast

Awesome thing(s) of the day: 

  • 13-Year-Old Iranian Girl, Covers Adele’s ‘Someone Like You’ (VIDEO) – Huffington Post

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