Today’s News & Culture Buzz

Blame it on the solar storm! Today’s update is a bit abbreviated, but here’s what you need to know…

  • Politics – U.S. House approves small business jobs bill – CNBC | House passes bipartisan bill aimed at start-ups – CNN
  • World – International Women’s Day has been transformed by social media. –
  • Celebrity – Davy Jones Funeral – Mourners Remember a Quiet Hero – People
  • Science – Today the earth is bombarded by the largest solar storm in 5 years. The ‘storm’ has not severely affected power grids or computer systems. >> Biggest solar storm in years races toward Earth –

Other Reading:

  • Adventure – How Mountaineer Ed Viesturs First Summited Everest Without Oxygen – Alex Hoyt – Entertainment – The Atlantic
  • World – Japan’s Nuclear Energy Industry Nears Shutdown, at Least for Now – NYTimes

Awesome thing(s) of the day: 

  • ‘Dancing Matt’ In Tahrir Square: YouTube Star Faces Tough Crowd Amid Egyptian Unrest (VIDEO) – Huffington Post

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