Today’s News & Culture Buzz

Good (?) news today as the February jobs report shows unemployment remaining steady at 8.3%, while employers added 227,000 jobs. Greece defaults, Surprise – Taylor Swift makes a lot of money, a video goes viral, highlighting “one of the most vilified rebel leaders on the planet”, and your soda recipe is changing. Have a good weekend.

  • Economy – Obama’s Re-Election Case Bolstered by February Jobs Report – Businessweek | U.S. stocks up on jobs report; S&P 500 up 4th week – MarketWatch
  • World – ISDA Says Greece In Default, CDS Will Trigger – Forbes
  • Entertainment – Taylor Swift Tops Money Makers List, Beats U2Music’s – Top 40 Money Makers 2012 –
  • World – Ugandan Rebel, Kony, Soars to Topic No. 1 in Online Video – | Some Ugandans Critical of ‘Kony 2012’ From Invisible Children About Joseph Kony – Speakeasy – WSJ
  • Ummm , OK – Pepsi, Coke Change Recipe for California Carcinogen Law – Slate

Other Reading:

Awesome thing(s) of the day: 

  • Marilyn Walden, Tornado Victim, Reunited With Cat On Camera (VIDEO) – Huff Post Good News 
  • Jessica Sanchez ‘I Will Always Love You’: 16-Year-Old’s Rendition Stuns ‘American Idol’ Judges – Huff Post Entertainment

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