Today’s News & Culture Buzz

Authorities say at least 39 people were killed and 188 wounded as car and roadside bombs exploded in at least 12 cities and towns across Iraq. A 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit near Acapulco, Mexico; President Calderon says no serious damage reported. Republicans released their budget plan today with plans to cut and simplify taxes, slash spending and overhaul Medicare. In Maine, the director of the Maine State Housing Authority says she has “reluctantly” resigned and a charitable organization believes an employee embezzled at least $55,000. Fans and ‘stars’ are celebrating the return of ‘Mad Men’; the season premiere is March 25, coming after a 17 month hiatus…and in sports, Peyton Manning makes it official.

  • World – Wave of bombs kills dozens in 12 cities across Iraq – | Strong, Long 7.6 Quake Shakes Mexico City –
  • Nation – House GOP Reignites The Medicare Fight With Its Budget – TPMDC
  • Maine – Maine housing director ‘reluctantly’ steps down – WMTW | Maine health care charity reports embezzlement –
  • Entertainment – ‘Mad Men’ New York Premiere: Jon Hamm, January Jones, Creator Matthew Weiner & More – The Daily Beast
  • Sport – Peyton Manning looking forward to winning a Super Bowl in Denver – NBC Sports

Other Reading:

  • Albert Einstein Archive Now Online, Bringing 80,000+ Documents to the Web – Open Culture
  • Israelis Grow Confident Strike on Iran’s Nukes Can Work – Bloomberg
  • Despite GOP Claims, High Gas Prices Are Not Obama’s Fault – TIME

Awesome Thing(s) of the Day: 

  • Lion Cubs Hug Trainer On His Last Day At Park (VIDEO) – Huff Post Green
  • Sweet Home Alabama played on Tesla coils – NPR

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