Today’s News & Culture Buzz

French police execute raid on Toulouse shooting suspect,  suspect arrested; al-Qaida ties proclaimed by suspect in Toulouse shootings. President Obama will visit the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) on South Korea’s border on Sunday before a nuclear security summit in Seoul and authorities open investigations into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. In Maine, state officials say an internationally recognized bicycle touring organization is planning a big tour in Maine next year and MSHA’s long time director speaks to MPBN about her decision to step down. In sports, Tebow has been traded to the Jets, however contract issues could put a hold on the deal. And, happy 6th birthday to Twitter…they grow fast don’t they!

  • World – French Police Execute Raid on Toulouse Jewish School Shooting Suspects – | French Shooting Suspect Mohamed Merah Under Siege in Raid – The Daily Beast
  • Nation – Obama to visit DMZ, raise pressure on North Korea – Reuters | Trayvon Martin’s Death in Florida to Be Probed by Justice Department –
  • Maine – Tour with 2,000 bicyclists selects Maine – The Portland Press Herald | McCormick: ‘Systematic Attack’ Hobbled MSHA – MPBN
  • Sport -Report: Tim Tebow to Jets Trade Hits Snag, Contract Issues Could Nullify Deal – NFL –

Other Reading:

  • Coffeehouses brought people and ideas together – Explore
  • Trayvon Martin’s Killer Was Looking for Trouble — and Found It – Andrew Cohen – National – The Atlantic
  • This month 48 years ago – Maine’s Primary Choice – DownEast Magazine

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