Trove – 5 Things Worth Reading

Adam Yauch, Bestie Boys at Brixton Academy - 0...

Adam Yauch, Beastie Boys at Brixton Academy – 05/09/07 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘Trove’ is a weekly compilation of stories and articles that have captured my attention and compelled me to read on.

This week we look at the review of a recent study shedding new light on how social interactions underlie the evolution of intelligence; a recent Nature report that compares the productivity of industrial and organic agriculture; a look into the life of the kid who, in 2007, became the first person to ‘unlock’ the iPhone and who went on to perform similar feats on Sony’s PS3; a book which explores how human culture and lifestyle manipulate our internal clocks, causing ‘social jet-lag’; and finally, a look back at Adam Yauch’s life, how The Beastie Boys impacted music, and how they impacted us…Happy reading!

  • How social interaction and teamwork led to human intelligence | ScienceDaily
  • Time to Stop Worrying and Learn to Love Industrial Agriculture? | Mother Jones
  • George Hotz, Sony, and the Anonymous Hacker Wars | The New Yorker
  • Cuckoo | New York Magazine
  • MCA, Kid Forever: How the Beastie Boys United Us by Never Growing Up – Jack Hamilton | The Atlantic

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