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Welcome to Geekbook —  The Trove looks back at the past week or so, highlighting particular stories and articles, primarily from the digital media and online marketing & design industries, that have captured my attention and compelled me to read on. Subscribe here to receive Geekbook via e-mail.

  • When Did Twitter Grow Up: There have been several recent mainstream examples of how critical Twitter is becoming to brands’ marketing efforts. Using current events and popular culture as a launching pad, brands such as Oreo and even AARP are using Twitter to react to real-time events. By setting up brand newsrooms, companies are able to react to events as they happen, using Twitter’s inherent public broadcasting dynamics to reach audiences on the fly and circumvent the traditional advertising strategies. – Advertising Age
  • Newspapers That Are Owning It On Pinterest: Pinterest, which continues to grow in popularity, is breaking out from its early niche demographics and expanding into a site which businesses are using to generate revenue. Newspapers are now getting on-board and finding ways to use their images on the popular social media site. By creating images specifically for Pinterest and staying away from real-time news reporting, these are some examples of publications that are finding success on the platform. – Dream Local Digital
  • How Time Inc. Should Reinvent Itself as an Independent Publisher: As Time Warner spins off the magazine, Ad Age provides some advice on what they should do next to cut costs and remain viable. From embracing native ad formats, to jettisoning some of its smaller publications, to incorporating video and TV, it will be interesting to see how many of these recommendations are implemented and if they work. – Advertising Age
  • 10 Newspapers That Do It Right 2013: As newspapers struggle to stay in business, this story is an inspiring look at some success stories that could help direct the future for publishers. From retooling traditional insert advertising and front-page editorials, to e-books and community events, these stories gave me hope for the future of print. – Editor & Publisher

“Doing something halfheartedly will bring you half the results.” – Kirstin O’Donovan

(Images via Twitter)

Geekbook is produced by Jeff Howland, Community Manager at Dream Local Digital.

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