Trove – 4 Things Worth Reading

‘Trove’ is a weekly compilation of stories and articles that have captured my attention and compelled me to read on.

Friends cast in first season. Front: Cox, Anis...

Friends cast in first season. Front: Cox, Aniston. Back: LeBlanc, Kudrow, Schwimmer, Perry. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Typically I do 5 stories, however I’m only halfway through a long read, which I’m certain will be in next week’s Trove.

This week we go on a tough journey as a woman struggles through her husband’s rare form of dementia…the end of this is beautiful. Next we read a lecture by a string theorist in which he offers his thoughts on the complementary natures of science and the liberal arts…I struggled with this one at first, as, I suppose one tends to when dealing with string theorists, but it ended up in the Trove, as I enjoyed weaving through his thought process. Then we look at an old one I pulled out of the archives as it is complementary to a book I’m reading. This is an amazing piece, which explores the foundations of human personality, what we’re born with and what is developed by our culture; how kids of similar traits can end up so wildly different in the end. This is interesting stuff! Finally, a fabulous interview with the characters of ‘Friends’ as they look back at their magical ten year run. To hear the actors talk now about the show, which ended eight years ago, I feel lucky to have experienced it. They really were friends and it’s amazing how it all came together.

Happy reading!

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